Rogla is a settlement in municipality Zreče. It is located on Pohorje hill at an altitude up to 1500 m in the district Resnik. It was founded in the year 1982 from part of the territory of Hudinja area.

Settlement Rogla is a natural climate spa and recreational center. It got its name after the nearby peak on which in 1934 it was built wooden observation tower, later (in 1956) made from steel and still stands today. Here are situated: hotel Planja built in 1980, bungalows, suites, youth accommodation Jelka, cottage in Jurgovo and other holiday cottages.

Rogla is accessible on asphalt road from Zreče (about 15 km), from Oplotnica via Cezlak (19 km) from Ruta via Lovrenc na Pohorju (18,5 km).


Sports recreational centre Rogla

An excellently equipped sports recreational centre and a natural climatic health resort Rogla lies on one of the tops of Pohorje, with an altitude of 1517 meters above sea level. It is only 15 km away from Zreče, a city known for its spas and internationally established companies, such as UNIOR, Weiler Abrasives and GKN Driveline.

The centre itself is surrounded by streams, clean forests and green meadows and pastures. On Rogla, you can enjoy the pleasant temperatures and the beneficently healing climate,that drives away tiredness and refills your batteries.

The centre is a modern, summer and winter sports centre. It covers the entirely artificially snowy alpine skiing courses, Fun park – a paradise for boarders, a new running course, skiing school, sports hall, tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, a gym, climbing wall, wellness centre with a swimming pool, saunas and massages, as well as an adrenaline sledding ground and numerous strolling and hiking paths…

With 600 parking spaces, 550 beds in hotels Planja, Natura, Rogla, Brinje and bungalows Rogla and Gaber, it is an excellent location for sports and recreation, as well as spending your free time and vacation during any season. Culinary delights, fun and health are also provided.



The participants will be staying at a hotel complex of the Sports recreational centre on Rogla, in double or three bedrooms, internationally categorized with three stars, including a wellness centre, swimming pool and a full board (three self-service meals). All rooms have a WC, a bathroom and a TV.



Most of competitors usually come with their own transport. Therefore you may use the given coordinates for your navigation system (GPS).

GPS – (WGS84) 46° 27′ 12” N 15° 20′ 8” E

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How to reach us by car/bus?

– highway Beljak (Villach) – Celovec (Klagenfurt) – direction Gradec (Graz) – after 25 km exit Griffen – Lavamund – Dravograd – Slovenj Gradec – turning Gornji Dolič – Vitanje – Stranice – Zreče – Rogla

– highway Linz – Wels – Kirchdorf – Lienz – Gradec (Graz) – Spielfeld – Maribor – direction Ljubljana (Celje) – after 30 km exit Slovenske Konjice – Slovenske Konjice – Zreče – Rogla

– highway Dunaj (Wien) – Hartberg – Gradec (Graz) – Sentilj (Spielfeld) – Maribor – direction Ljubljana (Celje) – after 30 km exit Slovenske Konjice – Slovenske Konjice – Zreče – Rogla

– highway Zagreb – Krapina – Exit Durmanec – Rogatec – direction Maribor – Exit Poljčane – Slovenske Konjice – Zreče – Rogla

– highway Zagreb – Krapina – Macelj – Ptuj – Exit Kidričevo – Slovenska Bistrica – Slovenske Konjice – Zreče – Rogla

– Čakovec – Središče ob Dravi – Ormož – Ptuj – Kidričevo – Slovenska Bistrica – Slovenske Konjice – Zreče – Rogla

– Redics – Lenti – Dolga vas – Lendava – Murska Sobota – Maribor – highway, direction Ljubljana – after 30 kmexit Slovenske Konjice – Zreče – Rogla

The distance to nearest airports: – Ljubljana / Slovenia – 100 km – Maribor / Slovenia – 40 km – Graz / Austria – 100 km – Klagenfurt / Austria – 115 km – Zagreb / Croatia – 130 km

If anyone will be arriving with a public transport we can arrange transportation for a fee from the following cities: Celje, Maribor, Ljubljana and Graz. A transportation from Zreče to Rogla can be arranged free of charge.


On Rogla, the weather at the start of September is stably with daily temperatures around 15°C – 18°C and night temperatures around 10°C.

Other info

Starting fee: 50 EUR per competition. Full package 490 EUR for whole event.

Slovenia is a part of Schengen area. According to the current regulations, citizens of some countries must obtain a visa in order to enter Slovenia. For those who need Visa, we will prepare invitation letters upon request.